Jacob Miller - Take A Lift

Men in wait.

 We recently stayed in LA. My old New York roommate, Darcy, lives there so we stayed with her. One morning Darcy had to go to her office and she told me the nanny wouldn’t be there for a few hours, so could I mind the kids. No sweat. As Darcy drove away, the kids asked me if I liked to break the rules. “Sure, no problem.” First I needed to know what the rules were. I found out that there is no TV watching when mom leaves. So we broke the rule. It was a lot of fun for all. This statue resides in the room where said rule was being broken. So while the kids were watching silly crap, I drew this Buddha type object. There was an orchid on the window so I threw that in there too. We all had a great time and no one is the wiser for us breaking the rule, unless Darcy reads this blog post and then the jig is up.


Happy Batman Day!

Forbidden love.