If you hang out with chickens, you’re going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly.
- ― Steve Maraboli (via psych-quotes)

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I can easily slip back into relapse. Sometimes I wake up and I have to force myself to leave the house. I gotta stay 4 steps ahead of myself at all times.

I always forget too and end up in a state :/

Getting rid of this shitty peroxide hair this morn me thinks!

Tried it… I don’t like it enough to keep the maintenance up. And I feel bad about my hair.

May you suffer enough tragedy to gain a vast knowledge and understanding of life.
- words by dominic riccitello (via wordsbydominic)

Gungurru Gum
Criss Canning
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Idle Hours 
H. Siddons Mowbray (1858-1928)

Beata Chrzanowska (USA) - Figure Beyond, 2010     Paintings: Oil on Canvas

Ramon Casas

Jennifer Weiner, Good in Bed

Félix Vallotton, Sunset

More than ever, people put words inside my head.

They plant these words, these thoughts. 

And I simply don’t agree.

I want to shout, I want them to know.

But what’s the use anyhow, they don’t see my glow.

They don’t see these visions and ideas.

They see conformity,

All I want to do is make a decision for myself

I want to be free and laced with flexibility.

Not pulled back by your ropes, or snatched by your hands.

I want to free, 

and I’d like you to listen to me.

If you find yourself thinking “Wait. Can’t say that. He’ll think I’m weird and fucked up.” Ditch them and find someone who responds with something twice as weird and three times as fucked up.
- Jeremiah Van Guilder (via forever-and-alwayss)

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I broke my own heart loving you.
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Being a writer? Not a bad thing, just a lonely thing. Sometimes the world you create on the page seems more friendly and alive than the one where you actually live in.
- Cornelia Funke (via writingquotes)

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